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Hajj/Umrah Package From Bangladesh At The Best Price

Alhamdulillah Thousands Of Pilgrims Have Enjoyed SailanceBD Travels-Hajj/Umrah package With Us Over The Years ….

Hajj is the ‘fifth pillar of Islam’ and a fundamental responsibility for every Muslim who is physically fit and has sufficient financial resources to perform Hajj tours at least once in his lifetime. Literally, Hajj means to “set out for a place.” In Islam it has a broad meaning. It is more than just visiting a place. It’s a spiritual journey to remove all the sins of previous life and an opportunity to beg pardon for all the sins committed in the past.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why…

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, SailanceBD Travels has established as a front-runner in a relatively short time in offering Hajj & Umrah services. Alhamdulillah, Our main concern has always been to remain fair and honest in all our dealings, delivering what we promise, and combining professionalism with firm adherence to the Qur’an & Sunnah.

As a result of this, we find that the majority of people who travel with us do so based on recommendations from previous customers. we served happily a large number of peoples in the last ten years. Alhamdulillah, all of them are very happy

We are a specialized & country-leading company for VIP 5 Star Hajj package and Umrah Package. Even we cater customized packages also to suit the client’s budgets & busy schedules. we offer a different type of Hajj package and Umrah package on the basis of facilities and duration. facilities like the type of accommodation – 5-star hotels to the budget category. transportation, food, mina tents VIP / Normal, etc.

Hajj package duration 14days  to 45 days. Umrah package duration 7 days to 15 days.

Hajj trip accompanied by a religious person (Mufti Maulana) to guide Hajj rituals & steps according to Qur’an & Sunnah. Skilled people appointed in Our Liaison offices in Holy Makkah & Madinah to ensure Quality of service. we are improving our efficiency gradually to ensure a higher level of comfort to our respected Hajis. Salam-Abad  Hajj-Umrah team consists of educated, experienced, skilled & dedicated young peoples to serve respected Guest of Allah(Hajji) properly 24/7.

SailanceBD Travels is the best Hajj/Umrah agency in Bangladesh. We have the ability to process the Umrah visa very fast, even within Short time, if an emergency.

Hajj Pre-Registration Bangladesh 2023-2024-2025

Non-resident & Resident Bangladeshi adults and children can apply for hajj registration through any authorized Hajj agency
Our Hajj Agency License number 1447
We are the Saudi hajj Umrah ministry, Ministry of civil aviation and Religious ministry of Bangladesh authorized hajj Umrah agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Member Of

Documents required for Hajj Pre-Registration 2023-2024-2025

Hajj pre-registration Government fee : ( BDT ) 30,752/person

1. Adult applicant
> NID scanned soft copy/photocopy
> Valid mobile phone number

2. Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) applicant.
> Color scanned soft copy of Passport ( foreign/Bangladeshi pp)
> Color scanned soft copy of the Birth certificate
> Passport size color photo soft copy
> work permit / any ID card/visa copy
> Valid mobile number + email id.

3. Child applicant ( along with parents )
> Color scanned soft copy of Passport
> Color scanned soft copy of the Birth certificate
> Passport size color photo soft copy
> parent’s valid mobile number + email id.

Note: Hajj pre-registration is valid for 2 years.
If Any Query Kindly Call 01811-120 112

Best Travel Agent in Bangladesh

SailanceBD Travels is the best travel agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. we are the ministry of civil aviation-approved full-service travel agents. SailanceBD Travels is a permanent member of HAAB- Hajj agencies association of Bangladesh, ATAB. Our worldwide service is Student Visa, Air ticketing and Hotel reservation. SailanceBD Travels is the trusted Travel agency in Bangladesh for also Hajj registration, Hajj package, Umrah visa from Bangladesh. SailanceBD Travels a is working for Corporate event management, Destination management services for Dubai, Egypt, Istanbul.